Four Pillars of Customer Service from a Baseball Team

The differentiator for so many businesses these days isn’t your product, it is the service presenting and supporting it. We see it time and again in many industries from automobiles to restaurants to consumer products. But it really works in baseball. The Texas Rangers use a simple four-point formula for their entire staff on a …

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Who’s interviewing who?

A friend recently returned from an interview without a very positive experience. It seems the interviewer forgot something important. A candidate is also a customer. And so is everyone connected with that candidate. When you speak or connect with a source (candidate or whomever) you are talking to their network and the network of everyone …

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Maintaining your network

“You never know who you will work with or for.” “Be careful–the before you burn that bridge be sure you aren’t standing on it.” You’ve heard them all. And they all bring up an important point: maintaining your network is as important (or more important than) building your network. A case in point: my colleague, …

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Baseball and Networking

This being the Fourth of July Weekend, our thoughts turn to patriotism and the national pastime. In this instance, I’m talking about baseball–while I realize football and soccer are more of a ratings and popularity hit, baseball endures. Baseball and networking share several common traits and ideas: Things happen in threes Teamwork is essential There …

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