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In business there has to be a match, a problem solved and chemistry to be understood. Life, either personal or professional, is the alignment of timing and chemistry.  We do that.

Our Wonderful Clients include:


From consultation to implementation to measurement, we are here to serve our clients with a selection of services—and some that are not listed on this page.


Marketing today requires careful planning. Paul wrangles all the moving parts to get you results instead of chaos.


Whether it’s a blog or a press release, words matter. Paul helps you clarify your message for the greatest impact.


From major industry trade shows to corporate meetings, Paul helps your business to put its best foot forward. 

Not sure?

Sometimes you know you need help, but don’t know what questions to ask or how to define your issue. Let’s talk.

Paul’s Blog

Follow along as Paul shares lessons and nuggets of wisdom from his years of experience working with clients to grow their businesses.

About Paul

My specialty is connecting people and businesses with one another for their mutual benefit. Whether it is matching businesses with exhibit partners, service providers to clients in need or prospects with suppliers, where there is alignment there is business.

In business there has to be a match, a problem to be solved and chemistry. Life, either personal or professional is the alignment of timing and chemistry.

That’s where I come in: my ability to formulate, build and direct a network of those in need to those with expertise is what I provide.

I network for a living. And along the way enhance the lives of those participating.

I represent companies, my associates. You can call me a business development director or a contract sales person or a vice president of marketing. In the end it is about matchmaking.

My hot buttons are companies that practice ageism, needless egotists and people who don’t read beyond the first line of anything.

Call, write or text me. Let’s talk about how to build your business–whichever side of the equation you are on.

Ready for your business to grow?

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