Channeling Your Inner Stray Dog

Every morning when Harry and I head out the door, we get to the end of the sidewalk and that’s when it happens.

Harry’s inner stray dog kicks in.

I know his mood by which way he turns–to the left means we are headed to the lake. To the right means a meandering walk through the neighborhood.  And straight ahead means we are taking a path past the neighborhood churches.  Each path means something different.

Then there are the mornings when he really throws me and makes a beeline across the neighbor’s lot.  He gets a look on his face and I know we are going a place we haven’t seen in a while–or at all.  Experts say dogs are creatures of habit.  On many levels I agree.  However, it’s that beeline course that changes things up.

That’s the inner stray dog at the end of his leash. We should all have an inner stray dog.

Let’s call it a free spirit.  Or a “wild hare.” Whatever we call it, it is about being a free thinker.  Taking a path you usually either ignore, avoid or have forgotten.  We all need to break our routine and freshen things up.  Dogs live in the moment.  Sure, they have memories and do process things, but, for the most part, they are living “right now.”

Keeping a freshness to our outlook and to our attitude and day is critical.  For our health, our survival, but most of all for our well being.   The next time you go out the front door or off to work, try a different, spontaneous path.

Your inner stray dog will thank you.


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