Always Tip the Band

It’s a small act of kindness.  One of those things we don’t always do and take for granted–that someone else will do it for you.

Always tip the band.

Last year, I dated a remarkable woman who had many talents, most of all being gracious and kind.  Besides looking out for a long-retired World War II veteran and his dogs, she was also, many times, the home for a night for many of her triathlete tribe.  She taught me a very important, basic lesson in overt kindness we all can do.  And, ultimately, will be appreciated by all.

Always tip the band.

Not sure where Heidi picked this up– in college, from her dad or a work colleague–but it was a real, pay-it-forward kindness that is deeper than it appears at first.

Always tip the band.

Musicians are a starving lot.  Talented and in a most competitive of all worlds, they usually work in bars and other venues for a small stipend and…whatever is in the tip jar. So their recognition, their compensation, needs to be overt.  Hence the tip jar. It’s not a demand, it is a request–for recognition for their talents, their creativity.

Whether it is a tip jar, a compliment paid, a kindness returned or cookies bought for a kid’s fundraiser, we all need to consider those in front of us that deserve our attention.

Always tip the band.


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