I’m Your Huckleberry

With a ride to Tombstone, Arizona, coming up, it only seems fitting for me to quote Doc Holiday (portrayed by Val Kilmer):

“I’m your huckleberry.”

The huckleberry in question is, in this case, is the Chuck Huckleberry Loop, the cycling ribbon trail that encircles Tucson, Arizona. While I’m here in advance of the Tour de Zona ride, I needed some bike time.  The 55-mile loop is a perfect training space–paved, even surface with amenities along the way and good signage.  And not a lot of climbing.

I’ve ridden it in sections and once, all at one time.  Some of the signage on the west and south sides can be confusing, but, for the most part good.

Sights along the way:

  • The Pantano Wash and the Rillito and Santa Cruz Rivers (all dry, except in rainy season). The trail basically follows the rivers.
  • Rillito Race Track.  This thoroughbred horse track on the north side is host to many events.
  • “A” Mountain or Sentinel Peak.
  • Turnoffs for Sabino Canyon and Mount Lemmon.
  • A short jaunt to Saguaro National Park East.
  • The Davis-Monthan AFB graveyard

Lots of other things I’ve left off.  The best part is the weather is almost always great and you will meet up with lots of fellow cyclists riding all kinds of gear.

The next time you are in Tucson, give it a try. It will be “your huckleberry” as it will be the thing that you need to get it done.


*photo of Val Kilmer courtesy of IMDB and Warner Brothers Pictures

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