Passions Compared: Wheels versus Strings

My friend, Dennis, has been a guitarist and musician for as long as I’ve known him. We won’t mention years but I went to his wife’s sweet 16 birthday party. If you are a regular reader of this space then you have a pretty good idea just how long ago that is.

Every time I get back to my hometown we all get together for lunch or a session. This last time we were comparing notes on our respective passions. I was in town to celebrate my sister’s birthday and take part in a bike rally.  So the topic of celebrations and cycling were first and foremost in our conversation.

For me it is bicycles. The number has grown over the past few years to somewhere around 7 (I’m a believer in the N + 1 formula). I have a road, gravel, hybrid, and single speed to name most of them. They all serve a purpose.

When this came up in conversation I almost got an audible gasp. Then Dennis paused and thought a moment.

“You know,” he said. “ I guess I can’t judge. I have something like 10 guitars.”  From bass to 12-string to metal body, he has one for each situation. A song for each guitar; a guitar for every song.

I guess that’s the musical version of “N + 1.”


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