The Hour of Regret

It’s that hour before you get out of bed and start the day.

A lot goes through your mind. The things that unfold in your head as you lay in bed before you get up are sometimes heavy, intense and otherworldly. You think about all of the troubles you have–money, relationships, your next business appointment or deal, whether your dog is well, how your mom is doing. All the things you worry about swell up and crowd out sleep. What’s the cure for all of this intense worry?

Get up. Really.

Once your feet hit the floor and the day starts, things start to lighten up. the room light goes on, you walk down the hall, turn up the thermostat and head for the bathroom. For me, a few minutes later, I am out the door walking the dog. And in those 15 to 20 minutes with Harry, my mind sorts out the hour of darkness and looks forward to the light of the day about the start.

It’s true–renewal starts with opening your eyes and moving–hopefully forward. Few things can replace action. And it starts with throwing back the covers, turning and having your feet hit the floor. Then in a few minutes, when the fresh air hits your face, the blood starts to flow and the day is in motion.

So much to accomplish in the day ahead. The day is now is started and darkness is behind you and the light is ahead. Sure, another dark hour will happen, but that’s 23 or 24 hours from now.

Think of all you can accomplish in that time. and it all starts with putting a foot forward.


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