More Than a Collar: a True Customer-Service Story

It was her first time out to a public event.  Sure, Harry had been many times but not Sally.  My new, very young (4 months old) Cairn Terrier pup was going to be a part of our Fourth of July celebration in Downtown Dallas.

Little did I know that it would become a feel-good story and really teach me a lot about how much people care for strangers–and their dogs.

It all started when I first returned home from the Five on the Fourth event at Klyde Warren Park.  For some reason, Sally, had lost her collar.  Skinny neck and dealing with two dogs, it was no wonder.  But where was it?

A few hours later I had my answer: Dennis, a good samaritan walking in front of the Morton Meyerson Symphony Hall (where we had been parked) called and left me a voicemail.  Since my name was on the tag on the collar he wanted to let me know he had found the collar in a flower bed near the Hall and had turned it into security there.  I called him back and thanked him.

A few hours later I made my way back to the area and was unable to pick up the collar as the office was closed.  So, I left a voicemail on, what I thought was, the main voicemail box.

This is where it gets good.

The next morning I get a call from Tracy at the AT&T Performing Arts Center offices.  She told me all about the collar and how I could find it.  As a dog owner herself, she wanted to make sure Sally got her collar back. Tracy also told me that AT&T, while not officially connected to Morton Meyerson, works very closely with them.


Within hours I was reunited with the collar.  But not without first talking either on the phone or in person with each of the security people at Morton Meyerson.  The lady on the phone, Brenda, who told me she was sorry she was going to miss me as she was getting off work before I was able to get there.  When I arrived I spent time talking about pets with the young lady at the front desk before she directed me to the main desk downstairs.

To all of these people, I extend a hearty thank you.

This is really not about a collar.  These people all took the time to make sure I was taken care of and reunited with my item.  It was about customer service and treating people well.  Let’s emphasize that last line–treating people well.  From Dennis to Tracy to Brenda to the young lady at the desk, they all were kind, polite and reassuring.

Think about this episode the next time you interact with anyone–are you being kind?  Are you listening?  do you care?



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