Step 1 in the 3-Step Formula to train and Engage Your Booth Staff

Engaging your booth staff to train them for a specific trade show starts with a basic email to the participants at least three weeks out from the show.

To tell the truth, this item was written last after the other elements of the program fell into place.  While it is the digest version (executive summary?) of the program, it does spell out all that needs to be done in the upcoming meetings and at the show as well as map out the process.  That sounds like a tall order for a lowly email, but it is critical to the success of the program.

This is the stage-setter: this 3-paragraph item outlines in a simple bulleted list what will be discussed at subsequent meetings at a high level and then tells you what the communication vehicles are: this email, the phone call and then an on-site meeting.

Look for examples on my  SlideShare account in the next few days.

Whatever you do, write all of the items together and then release them in the timely fashion to build to an impactful onsite meeting.

NEXT: the phone call or WebEx.


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