The Pop Quiz

In recent networking training sessions I’ve taken the approach of quizzing the attendees–instituting a “pop quiz.”

So could you pass a networking pop quiz?

Here are some examples of the questions I ask after coaching a group.  Most are within the context of a networking event or meeting and involve having had people engage others in conversation.  If someone asked you after an hour at an event, could you:

  • Give your short introductory speech to the group?
  • Introduce the person next to you? Give their elevator speech?
  • Tell about an event or opportunity you discovered at that event?
  • Show your business card?
  • Share how you will follow up after the event?

This is a great way to sharpen your skills and prepare yourself to engage and profit from interactions.  Don’t go to an event unprepared; don’t waste your time at an event and certainly come away from an event with either actions or something to show for it.

Wish me luck at the Dallas Association of Young Lawyers event tonight.  It’s at a wine bar…


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