What the hell else are you doing?

It’s a question I ask myself quite often.  Especially when I get to procrastinating about doing some task or project.

“What the hell else are you doing?”

It’s a good question.  My youngest son got it recently when he called to discuss a project he was considering taking on.  Well, I almost got to ask it–but was cut off at the pass with, “I know what you are going to say!”

Let’s just say he has years of experience in dealing with his old man and his persistence.  But, you have to admit, it is a significant question because it really makes us think about what is really standing in the way of getting something done.  It really is the question that can launch you into that next experience at work or that volunteer opportunity or a new relationship.

I met my friend, Sandra Lewis, because I asked myself the question when our mutual friend, Jane, invited me to meet up with them one evening.  If I hadn’t have gone I would’ve missed out on a really important relationship with a whole community.

And again when I’ve gone to meet people who either became clients or referred me to people who  became clients. I went to my very first North Dallas Chamber event in 2007 because I didn’t have a good enough alternative event or meeting.

So, what the hell else is keeping you from your next opportunity? Yes, it may be overcoming inertia to get moving or it may be because you really are an introvert.  However, opportunity is breathing in the chair next to you.  Why not start that conversation with the person in that chair? And what about that conference you’ve been meaning to attend?  Same goes for personal stuff like vacations and dates and making buying decisions.

Really, what’s stopping you?


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