Let’s Call This Step 3A in that 3-Step Formula

If you’ve been following this space in recent times you know we’ve spelled out a three-step formula to train and engage your booth staff before a trade show.

Well, I fibbed: there is one more step.  And there could be a fifth step (but that one comes after the show).

The extra step is probably the most valuable when put into practice: the in-booth stand-up meeting.

This is the meeting, or meetings, you have just before and right after show hours.  This is when you make those last-minute reminders of the who-what-where-why-and-how of the day and then sweep up after the show is over for the day.  The formula is this:

  • Hold in the booth, within the last 30 minutes before the show opens and within the the half-hour after the show closes each day.
  • It’s called a stand-up meeting for a reason: if everybody is standing it can’t last long.
  • Keep it to 10 minutes of less; 15 minutes max. On either end of the day.
  • The agenda is simple: hello, confirm booth hours, customers visiting, customers expected; at the end of the day, who visited, where the leads are collected, any challenges or victories.

It’s a great way to reinforce what is about to happen (the lessons learned to this point in the process) and then recap and drive home the importance at the end of the day.

And the tone is always positive.

It really works best when fit in as a part of the whole cycle outlined in our previous posts.  But it can be a standalone operation if your staff are veterans and flexible, know what they are doing and are open communicators.


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