“…help the next one in line…” A few words on Mentorship

Inspiration comes from many places. In his latest song “Humble and Kind,” Tim McGraw leaves until the last line a very important message:

“When you reach where you are going, remember, turn back round, help the next one in line…” What more of a call to become a mentor than that do you need?

Mentorship takes many forms. 60-year-olds at the end of their careers have vast knowledge for any younger age. 50-somethings with a few years left can talk about transition. 40s can talk about their mid career challenges.  Even younger people can talk to another age group and share ideas and experiences.  Recently I saw a 15-year-old professional auto racer speaking to middle schoolers.

And Mentorship can work both ways: not just experienced to youthful but peer to peer and youth to aged. I heard a story of a 30-something who met with a near retirement executive. The younger guy actually had advice for the laid-off 50-ish guy. It does work all ways.

To find these opportunities, check with your local school district or chamber of commerce.  Many professional organizations have “young professionals” groups and are always looking for speakers or volunteer mentors.

The point is to communicate. And share.


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