But Do You Have a Win?

Credentials and a deep resume are important but at some point, useless. Anything can be spun to look good or convincing. But it all comes down to credible, measurable content.

So, do you have a win?  Recently.

I’ve been working with a racing driver and we are trying to get the attention of potential sponsors. While the driver does lead in a certain aspect of a points chase and they have a positive image, when we talk to prospects, it all comes down to one thing:

“When was their last win?”

Simple question. But it needs to be followed with an affirmative and clear answer. And it can’t be that they lead in points or are a good guy or they eat their Wheaties. It’s about the wins.

Wins tell the story of accomplishment very easily. Everyone understands wins. You are at the top of your class, group, industry or craft. You sold something. You outdid your competition where it counts–on the racetrack, the boardroom or the checkout counter. It is the common and direct method of communicating one’s value in the next arena.

In business we want to know what and how you won and who you beat so we can understand how that translates to us. We want to associate with other leaders. Good, effective leaders come out on top. Truth is, it is about more than the win. But a win starts the conversation and gets attention. How you won and by how much and how you’ll win again come later.

Land that new client, publish that book, produce that next event or build that new commercial project.  Whatever it is, being doing something now.  And be able to talk about it and why it worked.

So, go get a win. You’ll start a conversation and be able to continue it with a credible story.


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