Networking Up

Not long ago I had lunch with a good friend and young professional  in Garland, Katie Koberg.  Katie reminded me in that conversation of a concept she and I had discussed over our previous lunch.

Networking up.

We all have a tendency to network for ourselves and to connect people at whatever level.  And usually we are networking “laterally,” that is to the level we match up with with.  Well, sometime for your own good, you need to “play above your head” and network up to the next or higher levels.

What Katie and I discussed was a situation where she was trying to connect at a lower level with a middle-level manager in a target company.  When she didn’t get anywhere, she went back to her network and found the higher level manager (director, VP, et al) she really needed to connect with.

And she did.  Networking up in action.

In other words, don’t settle for the pat of least resistance.  Chances are there is less resistance at the level you really need to be worjking on to make the connection with a decision maker.  Play above your head and network up.



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