Inventing An Event: Trucks

From the time we are young children, we love playing with trucks.  The Big D BBQ Battle was no exception.

Geoeffery and I got to play with some pretty big trucks.

We needed trucks for lots of things:

  • A rental U-Haul became our dry storage and local hauler of water and supplies.
  • A loaned refrigerator truck from Convoy Trucking.
  • Volunteer pickups to haul trash cans and other items around the site.
  • United Site Services’ portapottie and fence haulers.
  • The box truck M&M used bring the tents for set up.
  • Various delivery guys.
  • Our teams’ trucks.

An event of this scope and scale can’t be put together or run without trucks.  Hiring, borrow, lent or watched, they all contributed something.

This is Texas after all–what would a BBQ be without trucks.


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