Three Shows, Three Examples

Recently I had the chance to walk the floors of three vastly different trade shows.  All are good examples of different types of shows. All had ties to a specific industry but each had a different approach to how they reached their intended audiences and how they served those aforementioned industries. The shows: ASIS, aka …

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What the hell else are you doing?

It’s a question I ask myself quite often.  Especially when I get to procrastinating about doing some task or project. “What the hell else are you doing?” It’s a good question.  My youngest son got it recently when he called to discuss a project he was considering taking on.  Well, I almost got to ask …

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What I Learned from Listening to the First Half of the Top 40

Every Sunday morning I turn the FM radio onto my local country station for background while I get ready for my walks and workouts that take up my weekend mornings.  I learned something from those first two hours of the Country Top 40. Some real hard working artists make up the hits between 40 and …

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A Simple Lead Classification System

Whether you are on the show floor or attending networking events, we all have to classify and then qualify those we’ve interacted with.  Over my career I’ve seen many systems, but the the same rules are in place: you need to do something with the leads you’ve collected. But how? Here’s a simple system I’ve …

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#friendsofharry (AKA, “Friends of Harry”)

What started out as a follow up to visits for the dog walking service I was working for, this hash-tagged series of Twitter posts has become almost an obsession. Really, wherever we go and whomever we meet, Harry and I usually snap a photo and add them to his website.  It was when I wanted …

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