The Bike Bucket Concept

The first time I heard the words “bucket” and “bike” in the same sentence was from my friend Pat. She is an incredibly organized communicator and always prepared. The conversation started when she introduced me to the bike club she was riding with and wanted me to come along.

What Pat was talking about was a way to organize and keep your biking accessories all in one place.  And to ease transport. Helmet, shoes, gloves, maybe tools. Me, being the neophyte that I was, needed all the help I could get.  It was easy to forget something and then, when you were unloading your bike at the starting place, look and see you had forgotten your helmet!

That meant your stuff all had to go in one place.  And into the car when the bike got loaded.

A milk crate from Target worked.  It allowed me to put my stuff in the “bucket” and the bucket, in turn, in the car.  I packed it along when I loaded the bike.


Thanks to Pat, I was able to do this not only for myself, but I shared the concept with several others along the way.  Kinda cool to see a concept take off and be some sort of universal tool or system.

Thanks, Pat.  It was a lifesaver from Day 1 with my cycling experience.  Still use it to this day.


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