That’s a Wrap

Four years.

79 episodes.

65 guests.

Four producers.

Over 2,000 social media posts

Dozens of meetings and phone calls.

Beyond the numbers, Coffee With Claire was about people. Stories. Experiences. And Claire.

It migrated from being “internet television” to becoming a video and audio podcast.  Claire interviewed guests about everything from the subconscious to storm damage and insurance to diamonds to emotional trauma. Pick out an episode and watch (or listen) for 22 minutes.  Chances are you will learn something of real value.

Along the way I learned about how to manage and maintain a program, an episode, a podcast.  It became my assignment to:

  • Find guests.
  • Interview them.
  • Write the interview questions and intro/outtro.
  • Arrange for distribution.
  • Publish and manage related social media.
  • Care and feeding the host and guests in the studio.
  • Manage the studio relationship.
  • Archive show materials (digital recording files, scripts and photos).
  • Manage websites.
  • Arrange appearances for the host.

In hindsight, it was a significant undertaking.  But it is a body of work and a set of relationships I am proud of.

Thanks, Claire Billingsley, for a great 4 years.  As I’ve always said, when you move up to the big time, let me know and I’ll tag along for the ride.  You are good at what you do.


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