A Simple Lead Classification System

Whether you are on the show floor or attending networking events, we all have to classify and then qualify those we’ve interacted with.  Over my career I’ve seen many systems, but the the same rules are in place: you need to do something with the leads you’ve collected.

But how?

Here’s a simple system I’ve used both on the show floor and after networking events.  Yes, there are more sophisticated systems and more scientific ways to gather and execute leads.  But the simple fact is, DO SOMETHING.  Collect all of your leads and contacts from the event or show in one place either during the event (after each day of show, for example) or when you return from the event.

Try this as a classification system:

  • “A” leads are those you want or need to call RIGHT NOW.  They can lead to business immediately or are otherwise powerful connections.
  • A “B” lead is important, but deserve a lesser approach such an email or phone call follow up at the end of the show or a few days after the event.
  • “C” leads are either disposed of our just added to a mailing list.  Not that they aren’t important, they just are not as important or relevant as the A and B leads.

By “slicing and dicing” things in a uniform and cohesive fashion, you will “get to done” (wow, what is it with me and quotation marks in this post?).

Why not try this system out on that pile of cards on your desk?


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