The Pre-Show Set Up

Some call it a preview or a viewing.  They can be formal or not so formal.  The bottom line is that looking at your exhibit before it is packed to be shipped is a good idea.

It will save you pain at a later (read that: on the show floor) time.

Setting up your booth in the exhibit house warehouse or shop will help with the following:

  • Ensuring that the configuration that you approved on paper is what will be standing on the show floor.
  • Confirming the fit of parts so that the I&D crew is not surprised.
  • Allowing for minor changes to the configuration because of last-minute input by management.
  • Confirming how the booth will be packaged for shipment and set up.
  • Giving all concerned (the exhibit company, the client, and associated parties) a level of comfort going into the show.

At the example meeting, the client learned that the walls of the storage closet he had approved were 8 feet in height not the expected 10 feet from the earlier configuration used at the last show.  However, seeing the actual structure allowed for a dialogue between the exhibit house, client and consultant that resulted in a clear and uniform expectation in advance of the show.

By preparing and planning well in advance of the show, you can cut off any issues that might not be clear.  Minimizing issues on the show floor saves money and time as well as frayed nerves.

I’ll report from NACStech in Nashville next week after this show is set and throughout the show through tear down to help make this example useful.


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