Exhibit Preview

Previewing the exhibit before a show doesn’t always have to be done, but many times it is a good idea and worth the expense.

What we’re talking about is standing the exhibit properties up in the shop to make sure everything fits and works. There are a number of reasons you would take the time to do this:

  • Review graphic placement and fitting of demos.
  • Determination of which properties will be used and shipped.
  • Confirmation of the actual shipment.
  • A preview for management.

You can also use this as a time to ease your set up. For one client we actually rolled out the carpet and taped the location of where major exhibit components would be placed. Making notes on the manifest, we also staged crates around the space in the hall to ensure ease of set up in the hall.

Things to consider before you do a pre-shipment, pre-show preview:The labor cost to set up the both and repack.

  • Timing–do you have reasonable time before the show?
  • Being prepared for any changes management or other factors will bring.

We’ll be doing one of these previews for a client early next week, so watch this space for a report.


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